3d binası 037 3D Model (max)

3D Modelindən kanhtart

Yüksək ətraflı 3d binası.
Previews vray mat və işıq ilə göstərildi.
Faylda bütün ildırım qurğuları və dokuları var, çox qatlı phososhop PSD faylları daxildir

A 3D building model is a three-dimensional geometric representation. This model typical base is a 3D mesh, the structural structure is made up of polygons.

this model is one way that 3D technology will greatly benefit the construction industry. It involves the process of using specialized software to create a mathematical representation of any object or surface in three-dimensional spaces. It brings to life 2D, flat concepts.

3d Modeling advantages not only allow developers and end-users to imagine space requirements but also improve performance and accuracy drawing.

Models can be used in any project, as they are made from the catalog of furniture with a real prototype.

It/’s optimized for the wide-angle shot and includes the furniture and other household material with it. Also, the photoshop file with layers with trees in the background are included.

You can use the 3D model in different projects such as animation, games, virtual architectural structure, 3D movie or any other project.

Visualizing the concept 3d building is not so easy, Therefore FlatPyramid has come up with a 3D model of building 037, A high detailed building design. This model can also be used for a variety of purposes such as drawing, animated movies, projects, educational intent, filmmaking love, and much more, the model is perfect for you. We built the template as real as we were able to.

You can visit our website if you are looking for such a model. Hopefully, you will find your piece here and we also appreciate your strong trust in us in the selection of 3D models.

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  • Vertices:
  • Poliqonlar:
  • həndəsə: Poliqonal
  • Canlı: Yox
  • Materialları: bəli
  • saxta: Yox
  • Textures'ların: bəli
  • Fayl formatları: 3D Studio Max fayl (.max)
  • Plugins: V-Ray
  • NİD: 28622
3D Model ID: 195716

Nəşr olundu: Mart 25, 2012
3D Sənətçisi: kanhtart