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3D Model by saeedpeyda

lüks tualet-33 3D Model obj max lüks tualet-33 model
bəzək qrupu tərəfindən hazırlanmışdır

A toilet is a bit of equipment utilized for the assortment or transfer of human urine and defecation. Numerous kinds of toilets without a water seal (likewise called dry toilets or non-flush toilets) exist. These kinds of toilets don’t utilize water as a smell seal or to move excreta along.. Toilets can be with or without flushing water (flush can or dry can). Flush toilets are generally associated with a sewer framework in urban zones and to septic tanks in disconnected zones.

In private homes, the latrine, sink, shower, or shower might be in a similar room. Another choice is to have one space for body washing (washroom) and another for the can and handwashing sink (restroom). Open toilets comprise at least one toilets (and regularly urinals) that are accessible for use by the overall population. Versatile toilets or synthetic toilets might be acquired for huge and transitory social affairs.

The quantity of various sorts of toilets utilized on an overall level is enormous. Latrine types can be gathered by:
Having a water seal or not (which as a rule identifies with flushing or not, for example, flush can versus dry can).
Being utilized in a sitting or crouching position (sitting latrine versus squat can).
Being situated at a family unit level or out in the open (latrine room versus open can).

The luxury toilet 3D model is created and rendered in max. You can use this 3D model in different projects such as 3D animation, movies, 3D virtual design, architectural design and other projects.

Download this luxury toilet 3D model from FlatPyramid at the best price and customer service available online.

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  • Optimaldır-for: heç kim
  • həndəsə: Poliqonal
  • Plugins: heç kim
  • Materialları: bəli
  • Textures'ların: bəli
  • saxta: Yox
  • Canlı: Yox
  • Poliqonlar: 42100
  • Vertices: 42200
  • Fayl ölçüsü: N / A
3D Model ID: 297059

Nəşr: Dekabr 2, 2018
SKU: 297059


Tags: Qızıl dəbdəbə metal müasir Ayaqyolu tualet-33 Wc
3D Sənətçisi: saeedpeyda